"65 Point Initial Deep Cleaning System"
Experience the All Clean Difference

This is our “65 Point Initial Deep Cleaning System” for first time clients. Our maids make sure
every single thing on this list is completed during your Initial Deep Cleaning.


1. Clean all countertops
2. Clean outside of refrigerator including top and air vent at bottom
3. Clean under drain of automatic ice and water dispenser
4. Clean outside of dishwasher plus rim around inside of door
5. Clean stove top and drip pans
6. Wipe off all small appliances
7. Empty crumb tray in toaster
8. Dust baseboards not covered by furniture
9. Dust light fixtures
10. Clean all light switch plates
11. Clean fronts of cabinet
12. Clean window above kitchen sink
13. Clean sink and faucets
14. Clean all back splashes and ledges
15. Clean outside of oven plus open bottom drawer and clean ledge
16. Remove knobs from stove, clean and replace
17. Clean inside & outside of microwave
18. Wipe off table and chairs
19. Dust windowsills and ledges on double hung windows
20. Sweep and wash floor
21. Empty trash and wipe down trash can

1. Vacuum carpeted areas including edges
2. Dust fronts and backs of all doors
3. Clean inside and outside of one slider and track
4. Dust all AC/Vents and cold air returns
5. Remove cobwebs high and low
6. Vacuum upholstered furniture and under cushions
7. Lightly dust window blinds on both sides
8. Dust knickknacks
9. Dust furniture
10. Dust windowsills and ledges on double hung windows
11. Dust most light fixtures
12. Dust baseboards not covered with furniture
13. Make beds (if unmade)
14. Change linens (if left on bed)
15. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
16. Dust inside all torchiere lamps
17. Dust all chair railings in house
18. Dust floor moldings in staircases
19. Dust staircase railings
20. Dust and straighten all pictures
21. Neatly arrange all pillows and throws
22. Clean side lights at front entrance door
23. Sanitize all phones
24. Dust fronts and backs of all doors
25. Empty trash
26. Dust all light bulbs in lamps
27. General tidying


1. Clean shower and tub enclosure
2. Clean & disinfect inside and outside of toilet
3. Clean mirrors
4. Clean top and bottom of soap dishes
5. Dust baseboards
6. Dust windowsills and ledges on double hung windows
7. Clean fronts of all cabinets
8. Fold towels
9. Dust top of medicine cabinet
10. Clean all light switch plates
11. Empty wastepaper baskets
12. Dust light fixtures and light bulbs
13. Clean and polish chrome
14. Clean vanity , sinks and countertops
15. Clean all back splashes and ledges
16. Sweep and wash floor
17. General tidying
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