What is the Advantage of hiring All Clean Maids instead of an individual?
 All Clean Maids are licensed, bonded and insured. Our maids are employees of the company and are fully insured including Worker's Comp Insurance for your added protection. We are cleaning professionals; when one of our cleaners goes on vacation we have a fully trained replacement ready to make your home all clean.

 Is All Clean Maids part of a National Franchise?
 No. All Clean Maids is a Florida company. We currently have two locations, one in Tampa that services Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas and one in Orlando that services the Tri-County Area.  We are looking forward to opening our next location in Ft. Meyers.  All Clean Maids are devoted to performing quality cleaning and giving our customers excellent customer service. We clean hundreds of homes per month and have procedures and quality controls in place to assure your 100% satisfaction.
What Hours do you Work?
All Clean Maids provides cleaning services from 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday. Occasionally we work on Saturdays at a slightly higher hourly rate.

Do I need to provide vacuums, equipment or supplies?
We provide all our own equipment including vacuum cleaners with triple Hepa filters. We continually strive to use the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies available. We are happy to use your supplied cleaning products, but we are unable to accept responsibility for those products or their results.

How do I pay for my cleaning?
There is never a contract to sign. Payment is due when services are performed. You may pay by cash, check, American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa. Our preferred method of payment is cash or check as it helps to keep our costs down. All bank charges incurred due to NSF checks will be passed on to the client at a flat rate of $35 per check.

Is All Clean Maids Licensed, Bonded and Insured?
Yes, we're licensed, bonded and insured. All of our maids have undergone a criminal background check as part of our stringent hiring process. Copies of our Insurance documents are available on request.

What if something in my home gets damaged?
 Our staff is required to touch virtually all items within their reach in your home. We are as careful as possible while we are cleaning your home, but if damage or loss does occur, please notify All Clean Maids within 48 hours of the cleaning date. If you have items that are irreplaceable or have a sentimental value, please remove those items or let us know not to touch them. If we are specifically requested to clean the inside of a china cabinet or étagère, or dust computer equipment that we normally do not clean, we cannot be responsible for damage to any of those articles. Also, All Clean Maids is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item. Please advise us of any items that may not be properly installed such as blinds, pictures, curtain rods, loose carpet, etc. All surfaces in your home are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.
Do I have to be home when the maids come?
Most of our customers are not home during our cleaning. They provide us with a key and an alarm code if necessary. If you want to meet your team, we will do our best to schedule you at the time of day that works best for you, but please understand with cleaning hundreds of homes each month it is difficult to give you an exact time that the cleaners will arrive. If you choose not to provide a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning you may be assessed a lock-out fee of $25.00.

 If I give you my Keys, how are they protected?
 Your key is coded and placed in our key safe as soon as it enters the office. It will be stored with a “double-blind” system in a locked key storage box. The day of your scheduled cleaning, your key is given to the supervisor of your team and at the end of the day, the supervisor must return all keys to management who places them back into the secured storage box. Only the owner and office manager has a key to the key safe. Your key is marked with only a code and never your name or address. Please let us know if there are any changes in alarm codes or keys.

Will I always have the same maids?
We make every effort to send the same maids each time. Occasionally there may be a change in maids due to illness, a day off, vacation or they may no longer work for us. Most of our maids are working mothers and occasionally they may have a sick child. Thus, it is not possible for us to guarantee the same individual or team for each cleaning. In the event of such an occurrence, we will find another team for you that you will be happy with. All Clean Maids provides an extensive training program to each of our maids to ensure consistent cleaning techniques throughout our entire staff.

What if I need to Cancel or Reschedule my Cleaning?
If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule your regular cleaning day, All Clean Maids asks that you give us a 2-day notice if at all possible. If we receive less than a 2-day notice, or can't access your home, it may be necessary for us to charge a $25 cancellation fee. Future scheduled cleanings will remain unchanged unless you ask us to do so. Please, do not inform the maids of any changes to your schedule. We ask that you communicate directly with All Clean Maids management.
Can I Hire your Maids directly?
We consider our maids our most valuable asset. All Clean Maids spends a lot of time and financial resources finding, interviewing, checking references and backgrounds, and training our cleaners. Our maids are prohibited from performing any house cleaning related services for any of our past or present customers on their own. However, if you do wish to employ one of our maids, our referral fee is $1,500.00.

 How does All Clean Maids deal with Pets?
We ask that you provide for the restraint and safety of your pets. Most dog owners assure us that their pet would never hurt anyone, and this is usually true as long as the owner is present. Unfortunately, they can behave quite differently when the owner is not there and strangers are “invading” their home. Many of our customers provide us with keys and they minimize the risk to our cleaning staff and their pets by confining them to an area not being cleaned, such as the lanai, spare bedroom or kennel. If your beloved pet is an “escape artist” we need to know that before we enter your home so we can take the proper precautions to prevent them from escaping as we are carrying in our equipment.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, and they make a perfect gift for almost any occasion. They are available in any denomination and can be used for recurring service or a one time only clean. We will be happy to send them to you or the recipient. Call us today at 813-932-2552 or 407-695-0017. For more information call the office or email us at: for the Tampa office or for the Orlando office.

Do I need to do anything before you come to clean?
We prefer our maids to be cleaning rather than picking up clutter such as toys and clothing off the floors and counters. We don't mind picking all the stuff up- but, don't forget we are getting paid for it. And picking up clutter is not the most effective use of your money. We also ask that you please unload any clean dishes from the dishwasher and we will be happy to load any dirty dishes that you may have. Unless previously arranged, we do not hand wash dishes unless you have specifically requested this service and we have added the appropriate time and charge to your regular cleaning. We request that during the hot days your air conditioning be left on or lowered while our cleaners are in your home. It gets very uncomfortable for our maids in our Hot Florida weather if there is no air conditioning. If you have a room or area that you do not want us to clean, please close the door and leave a note. Normally, if a door is closed without a note on it we will clean that room as scheduled.

What if I'm not Satisfied with something?
With our 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied with your cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours so that we may make arrangements to re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge. Do not re-clean the area yourself.

How Much Will It Cost To Clean My House?
Every house is unique, and every cleaning fee is based on your individual needs. Things that will affect the amount of your house cleaning estimate include the size of your home, number of residents, number of pets, number of bathrooms, how often you want us to clean, and most importantly the condition of your home. If you would like to talk to us about what kinds of information is needed to estimate your house cleaning fees, select “Get An Estimate”  If you have a particular budget in mind, please tell us and we'll design a cleaning program for you that will allow you to stay within your budget.
Will All My Visits Cost the Same Amount?
The first visit is when our maids do a deep cleaning of your home and it generally takes longer to clean the first time. The first visit is always performed on an hourly basis. The estimate you receive will give you a range of time and money. It is not a guarantee of the amount of time it will take on the first visit. Once this initial visit has occurred, your home can be maintained with our regular visit cleaning tasks. All Clean Maids always does an hourly deep cleaning of your home at least every six months to keep your home in tip-top condition.  You will be notified when it is time for your 6 month deep cleaning. If you would like your deep cleanings any more frequently than once every 6 months, you need to advise your Customer Service Representative.  You will receive a guaranteed rate for your regular service based on the frequency of your cleanings. You will receive an estimate for both the initial cleaning and the regular cleanings up front. Once you start regular service, if our maids cannot get your home cleaned in the amount of time we have scheduled for you, we will talk with you to determine how we should proceed. Some houses are just “more lived in” than others and there is no way our estimating system would know if your house is one of them.

Do you clean commercial properties and offices?
We specialize in residential cleaning, but we do have some commercial accounts.  Our only requirement is that we can access the commercial property or office during our regular business hours.

What Kind of Services Do You Offer?
We offer Deep cleanings, Move-in/out cleanings, One time cleanings, Regular service, Spring/fall cleanings, Post Construction cleanings, Party Preparation/Clean-Up  and Custom house cleaning.
Is there Anything we can't help with?
Due to health concerns (toxoplasmosis) we do not clean out cat boxes. Blood, feces, urine, vomit and anything else along these lines (either of human or animal origin) needs to be cleaned though a bio-hazard cleaning service.

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